a BIG Fish Story by David Shannon

Jangles: A BIG Fish Story: A Conversation with Author David Shannon

Discussion questions:

At one point, Jangles tells the boy is “a storyteller, and a story.” What does this mean?
How can a fish be a story?
What makes Jangles is a storyteller?

When you first saw the illustrations, did you recognize the illustrator's work? Did it make you remember another book?

In the beginning, Jangles is a little confusing. Who is telling the story?

How is JANGLES a story in a story in a story? First identify who is the first speaker in the story. How do you know this?

Who is the next speaker? Explain how you understand this.

Describe how you felt when the boy threw the fishing line around Jangles and flipped him upside down.

Why did the boy let Jangles go free? Was this the right course of action? Should he have kept Jangles as a trophy to show that he was the best fisherman at Big Lake?

Did the ending of this book surprise you?

What was the real proof that he had caught Jangles? Explain this old saying "the one that got away"

bluebonnet_clipart.gifLiterature Connection Activities

What type of fishing lure do you think would attract Jangles? Students will use their knowledge of what attracts a fish to its bait and then create a fishing lure that will hook Jangles. You may use any materials Ms. Murphy offers or you may bring your own as long as it is not dangerous like a real fishing hook.

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David Shannon