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Waiting for the Magic by Patricia MacLachlan

Visit Patricia MacLachlan's website at Simon and Schuster

Book Trailers

School Tube book trailer Waiting for the Magic

Bluebonnet Project Ideas:

  • Ask Ms. Murphy for poster board and create a Book Project board include the title of the book and author. Add a well thought out summary of the book or information that demonstrates that you have read and understood the story.

  • Write a story about when your family got a pet and how you feel about having a pet. Give clearly explained details.

  • Choose your favorite dog or cat from Waiting for the Magic and create a character description or character portrait of them.

  • Get some friends together to collect pet food to donate to our local animal shelter. Ms. Murphy will help deliver the pet food. Write a description of why you are collecting the pet food and how it can help orphan animals.

  • Any creative idea will be welcomed. Just remember to follow Ms. Murphy's guidelines for book projects.

Waiting for the Magic Community Service Project



ECDC Bluebonnet Community Service Project
Gulf Coast Humane Society
3118 Cabaniss Road, Corpus Christi, TX 78415-5906
(361) 225-0845 gchscc.org

Students are partnering with the Gulf Coast Humane Society to gather donations of pet care items.
Items will be delivered to the Gulf Coast Humane Society.

Pet Care Items needed:
  • wet or dry cat food/dog food
  • cat/dog treats and toys
  • cat litter
  • old, clean sheets, blankets, and towels for bedding
  • monetary donations in cash or check made out to Gulf Coast Humane Society